The 4-Hour Workday
How to Be Proactive By Noon

About the Course
What If I told you that you could fit all your high value activities into just 4-hours a day. Would you believe me? This 4-hour workday will change your life if you allow it to. Your plan should be "easy on paper." We've created that plan for you based on science.

Less than 5% of salespeople wake up in a proactive mindset with a consistent plan in place. Learning how to be proactive by noon every day will truly change your life personally and professionally. It will allow you to go to bed celebrating progress rather than being consumed by perfection. 

Disclaimer: We aren't saying you only work 4-hours a day. But that you control 4-hours of your day, everyday.

This is our only FREE course. The rest of our courses live inside our virtual training platform.

Who is Bruce Lund?
For over a decade, Dr. Bruce Lund has trained thousands of salespeople all over the world. Bruce coaches top producers, brand-new salespeople, and everything in-between. He is known for his "heart of a teacher" approach being a former professor and program director in the Texas A&M System. Along with helping build a multi-million dollar sales training company. 

Bruce is on a mission to help hungry, humble, and coachable salespeople or entrepreneurs master the 5-Habits of Highly Effective Salespeople tied to his 4-Hour Workday and 90-Day Selling System. This FREE introductory course gives away his daily blueprint to success as a salesperson. 

The 4-Hour Workday for Salespeople
How to Be Proactive By Noon
  • ​​Dr. Bruce Lund leverages his PhD in Human Performance to create a 90/90/30/30 timeblock system to drastically increase your productivity.
  • ​Bruce helped build a multi-million dollar sales training business before starting his own.
  • ​This 4-Hour Work Day course teaches you how to map out and execute the most important activities around the first 4-hours of your day.
  • ​How many times in a week do you say, "I need a system for that!" or are frustrated by busy-work vs. tangible results?
  • This download ​Includes our patented QuickRead (QR) flipbook with embedded videos.

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